One week down, 49 to go

I started my internship last week and so far I love it!

We had an entire week of orientation and read through numerous policies and procedures.  We also learned all about charting both by hand and electronically.  Right now the hospital uses both methods and will make the complete switch to electronic charting sometime in April.  We also spent a day learning the diet order program, but thankfully we will only be using that next week—food service/diet kitchen things are not my favorite.  I can’t wait to start my clinical rotations but I’ll have to be patient because I ended up with one of the two rotation schedules that have food service first.  (We drew numbers out of a cup to make it random.)  The positives of this are not having to work any weekends until around November, being somewhat eased into the program and getting food service over with.  The negatives, in my opinion, are starting clinical rotations later than the other four and therefore being behind them in skills and experience, working very early mornings, and not having food service fresh in my brain for the RD exam.  Hopefully that won’t make a difference; I was told that 100% of the past interns from this program have passed the RD exam on the first try.  Anyway, all of the rotation schedules have their pros and cons and I’m sure food service will be more fun than I think.  I will be designing a theme meal with one other intern and food service is actually her favorite area so I know her creative juices are already flowing.  I’m hoping she’ll stimulate my creativity :o)

It feels strange to walk around the hospital in a lab coat and to wear a pager.  I feel very professional, but strange.  I know I’ll get used to it though.  I also love working in a hospital, it’s such an exciting atmosphere.

Like I said, I absolutely love the internship and am so happy that I matched with them.  While I’m sure that there will be some challenges this year, overall I can tell it will be an amazing experience.


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