Easy Start

Week 2 kind of eased us into our rotations and helped us get familiar with the layout of the hospital… well, it was supposed to but honestly I am still in need of a map! The main hospital is so confusing with 3 towers and lots of twists and turns. I’ve been told it takes about a month to get familiar with it.

This week we did the diet office rotation, which was basically 4 days of shadowing employees in the diet diet office, diet kitchen, delivering trays and taking patient meal orders. We also met for lunch daily and did test tray audits. It was nice to have lunch provided and we were able to select the meals we preferred from the regular diet menu. Considering the hospital feeds hundreds of patients (the patient count exceeded 400 during the week) the food wasn’t bad. There were definitely areas that need improvement, such as the mixed vegetables and the processed cheese in the chef salad, but overall i’d give it a B. I think we all agreed that the wheat rolls were superb.

We also did small exercises including staffing and menu substitutions. Staffing is a lot harder than I ever imagined, especially when dealing with individual needs and preferences.

There isn’t anything super exciting to report about this week. Aside from the lunch meetings we mostly spent the day shadowing. Tray delivery included a lot of walking so I was glad I listened to the warnings and wore comfortable shoes. Those are a must for working in a hospital! I did enjoy visiting patients to take their menus, but again we were mostly shadowing so my patient interaction was minimal. I was surprised that we were able to gown up and go into the reverse isolation rooms on the bone marrow transplant floor. I didn’t want to unnecessarily expose them to additional germs but we did “gel in and gel out.” It’s great how something as simple as food can make such a difference in a person’s stay, but there were definitely a fair share of complaints along with the smiles.

Oh, we did have another introduction luncheon for the food service staff to get to know us. It was a little awkward because we had to sit on the stage and speak in a microphone to introduce ourselves but I guess it really wasn’t a big deal. I have a feeling that the introductions will continue for a while though…

Next week I have my first “class” day on Monday and then start a short research rotation Tuesday. one thing I’m looking forward to next week is not having to wake up by 4 am like I had to twice last week. I will admit that getting out at 2:30 was a plus, but 6 am is sooo early to start work.

Note: I’m going to try to update this more often during the week to keep it a little more interesting. If things get too busy I’ll be sure to update it weekly. I’m totally new to this so I’ll have to see how it goes.


One response to “Easy Start

  1. Kim,
    I’ll make this short, as I realize you have tons of reading to do as it is. I just wanted to commend you on your writing style. It’s very interesting and easy to comprehend and read. It sounds like you are really enjoying this experience. I’m proud of you!

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