Brain Break

I’m giving my brain a break between working on nutrition education materials and going to a dietetic association meeting so I thought I’d update you on my past 2 days. I decided to take advantage of the time flexibility during this rotation while I have it; after this week who knows what hours I’ll be assigned (probably super early though for a while…).

Yesterday was our first official didactic class day. We reviewed an entire year’s worth of adult nutrition assessment in a few hours, reviewed some sample charts and then practiced a few case studies. I have to say that I felt fully prepared after my undergrad classes, especially medical nutrition therapy. All of those lengthy case studies and study guides really paid off. Now I just have to wait 8 weeks before I can work with real patients.

Today I started a week long research rotation, which is definitely different than I anticipated, but I was forewarned to drop my expectations about any rotation. There’s a lot more variety to research studies than I realized—it’s not just testing out a placebo vs. supplement or drug. I’m actually working on some nutrition education materials and will be co-leading a nutrition lesson for teenagers later this week. Along with that I’ve been working with a partner to design some menus for people who are following a very strict diet. It’s quite challenging to make food choices appealing when you are limited by more than calories.

Speaking of appealing food choices, I need to figure out more food options at the cafeteria. For the past 2 weeks I have stuck to ordering either a Gardenburger or chicken sandwich for lunch. I tend to be a creature of habit but I can only eat so many Gardenburgers! (They are really good though…). Time to get more creative :o)


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