Morning Thoughts

I feel so refreshed today after 8 hours of sleep and a morning jog. It was nice and brisk outside this morning, which is welcomed after a summer full of triple digit days.

Last night’s conference was interesting. A nutritionist spoke about the importance of fiber in weight loss and weight management. Note that I said nutritionist; while she has a master’s in nutrition she is not a dietitian and was ironically speaking to a group of people who either are registered dietitians or are dietetic interns. She was an excellent speaker and probably very motivating for people looking to revamp their diets, but I have to say I disagree with a few things. For one, I do think that calories should be monitored during weight loss attempts to make sure you are neither over-eating nor under-eating. With the increased amount of fiber infused foods on the market (i.e., tortillas with 12g fiber each and cereals with 14g/half cup) it’s easy to meet your fiber requirement and then over-eat other foods thinking you are safe after meeting the recommended 20-35g.

The main thing I’m questioning, however, is she said that for every gram of fiber you consume not only do you not absorb the gram of fiber (worth 4 calories) but your body burns and additional 7 calories to pass that fiber. So, for every gram of fiber in a food item you can subtract 11 calories from the total. I’d like to see the evidence behind this. If anyone knows of any studies that support this information please let me know! (Note: one important thing that she didn’t mention is that when looking at food labels for packaged items, many food companies already subtract the 4 calories/gram of fiber so if this is true you would only subtract the additional 7 calories/gram of fiber to find the net calories in the item.) Thoughts anyone?


One response to “Morning Thoughts

  1. I really like this idea for a blog as will hopefully be in this same position in the future! As for the opinion on fiber– I agree that it’s super important in both weight management and health in general, but cannot simply be the only component with emphasis.

    As you said, foods are being fortified more and more and now you can actually fortify them yourself with fiber powder! It was amazing to me to hear one of my friends comment on how good of an idea that is… so you can eat junk, and still get all of your fiber, right? Not so much…

    Anyway, it’s interesting to hear topics like that brought up, thanks for the good reading!

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