Is It Bedtime Yet?

It feels so much later than it actually is right now, probably because I was up at 3:00 am to start working at 5! For the next 2 weeks my schedule is 5:00am-1:30pm—definitely not something I’m used to. This is my first week of food service management and they are starting it off with a mixture of manual labor and a mental challenge. I spent the (early) morning in the stockroom unloading boxes of food off pellets and stacking huge cans of food. I practiced using a box cutter and was told to look forward to testing out a forklift at some point! I was also introduced to the huge walk-in freezer where I will apparently be working for a good part of Thursday. Better remember to bring a jacket.

I should backtrack a bit and mention what I did yesterday. Yesterday was my orientation to food service management and I was given a partial overview of what is to come these next 7 weeks as well as my first project. My partner (during food service management 2 interns are partnered up for the entire rotation, which is actually nice because we have 2 brains working on the many assignments we will be given) and I were given our first project. We are to design an audit to compare handwritten and computer records of foods delivered to the numerous hospital units. Apparently there has been a major cost discrepancy for months (years?) and they want a system to figure out why. The task seemed daunting yesterday but today we had some downtime and were able to come up with an excel spreadsheet and may have pinpointed the reason for their problem. It looks like someone has been improperly entering a particular food item in the computer so it isn’t being billed. I’m hoping we’re right and will save them some money.

This entire week is also filled with shadowing different food service workers to get a feel for each of their jobs so we know just how hard some of them are. We spent time with employees delivering snacks all over the hospital as well as working various stockroom jobs. So far all of the jobs include either a lot of walking or lifting. Definitely not easy! I found myself laughing out loud several times today thinking about how different this is from what I imagined. It is a great experience though and, despite waking up before the birds, it is a lot of fun.


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