Overtime, Minus the Pay

These past 2 days have been great but the early mornings are affecting me today. Yesterday I was at the hospital for nearly 11 hours—so much for getting off at 1:30! I ended up staying for a couple of extra hours to observe a couple of interviews for a management position. It made for a long day but it was definitely worth it. I have never sat on the other side of an interview and it was very interesting to observe how these candidates responded to pressure and to watch their body language. Let me tell you, these interviews were intense! I was getting nervous watching them.

Today was definitely harder to force myself out of bed at 3am but I managed to do it. I did a lot of the same shadowing and helped unload produce and other refrigerated items for the majority of the day. I’m getting to know the layout of the hospital better with all of the nourishment stocking around the floors. The best part of the day, however, was presenting the floor stock audit spreadsheet that my partner and I created to 3 managers/supervisors and our director. Not only did we complete our first project but we actually created something that they plan to implement and think will help them pin-point problems.

Another good thing—tomorrow I don’t have to be in until 6 am, which is still early but an improvement over 5. I’m also going to start working with next week’s production preceptor since I’ve basically completed everything for this week’s rotation.

Sorry for the boring post, I’m too tired to make it more exciting. Looking forward to an early bedtime and the end of the week!


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