Food Prep

This has been a long and interesting week. I’ve been in the production portion of the food service management rotation. I’m beginning to see that managers have insane schedules! We start at 5:30am and often don’t leave until after 3:30 pm. The production manager we’re working under this week usually arrives around 5 and doesn’t leave until the evening, not to mention working weekends or other odd hours when needed. Wow.

We helped out in cold prep today making sandwiches and salads. Helping prep food was fun and made the morning go by really fast. Before I knew it it was 8:30 and time for a break. I love it when time flies like that.

We also were given our 2 major projects for both the food service rotation and rest of the year. One is designing a theme meal in the cafeteria for Halloween and the other is a community education project that will include all of the interns and hopefully some staff (if we do a good job recruiting help). Add those on top of the regular rotation schedule and other internship projects and commitments and I’m definitely going to be busy. This is what I signed up for though so I’ll find a way to juggle it all :o)

I did get to go to a telecommunication lecture on safe enteral feeding practices. Can you believe that there have been instances where a nurse administered a tube feed intravenously thinking it was a parenteral formula? Aren’t parenteral formulas clear? Tube feedings are definitely more brownish and thick. Crazy.

Tomorrow I’ll be working with catering, which probably means helping prep more food. Hopefully that means the day will fly by again and then I can enjoy a relaxing weekend.


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