Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

One thing I have learned from this rotation is that management means lots of meetings. I don’t know how these managers have time to get the rest of their jobs done! We seem to have at least 2 scheduled meetings and numerous impromptu meetings throughout the day. This week has been a little more relaxed schedule-wise with a nice 9am start time. I am so happy to be able to stay up past 9pm since I don’t need to be up at 3am this week. Aside from the meetings we have been working on small assignments such as thinking up ideas to revamp the clinical nutrition department website and assessing employee productivity. Nothing stressful and it’s all a good learning experience.

We’re also making progress on our Halloween theme meal. Right now our menu includes butternut squash ravioli in vodka sauce served with roasted root vegetables, chicken tamales (also served with the root veggies), pumpkin Tuscan white bean soup, Waldorf salad, pumpkin-bacon pasta salad and tons of Halloweenish desserts. We’re designing our menu and theme around the history of Halloween to go beyond the usual pumpkins and witches. If everything goes as planned the staff should be executing our meal on the 31st, which is also my last day of food service management (!).

Sorry there’s nothing too exciting to report at the moment. I guess I better enjoy the calm before I start clinical (or delve deeper in the theme meal and community project planning) because I know the interns working on the floors don’t have much downtime.


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