Motivating Day!

It was great to see everyone at the internship fair! I hope you are all motivated for applications now. It’s definitely stressful but you can do it.

I’m really excited after today’s classes on enteral nutrition therapy. I love calculating tube feedings and can’t wait to try them on real patients. I can definitely see myself becoming a CNSD (Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian) during my career.

The dietitian who taught one of today’s classes is our trauma dietitian. I would love to have a job like hers. I actually wanted to be a trauma surgeon throughout my 4 years of pre-med and I am thrilled to learn that there are career opportunities for dietitians in trauma units. There’s just something I love about the unpredictability and severity in trauma cases. And, as a bonus, dietitians don’t have to be on call unlike trauma surgeons (not to mention avoiding the years of medical school +residency +fellowships required to become a trauma surgeon). I’ll have to wait until this spring to do my rotation with that particular dietitian, but I will get plenty of experience with tube feedings in other rotations prior to that—hopefully in about 4 weeks!

Monday classes are also great because they shorten the work week. It’s especially nice to break up some of the food service management with clinical classes.

Tomorrow should include a couple of meetings and an overview of the rest of what we’ll be doing the next 3 days. I have no idea what we’ll be doing the rest of the week, but I think it’ll include assisting with an employee in-service training. That should be fun.

Thanks for all of the great feedback about the blog. I’m happy to hear people enjoy reading it!


2 responses to “Motivating Day!

  1. I too would love to be a certified sports nutritionist specialist.. I know it is pretty rare but it is def my area of interest!

  2. Christie,

    That’s awesome, but I actually meant that I want to become certified in nutrition support, which means tube feedings and TPN. I do think that sports nutrition is interesting but probably not where I want to focus my career. I see you have a BS in exercise sports science so you should be able to be successful. Good luck!

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