Weeks 4 & 5

Sorry for the lack of posts, this week has been a little crazy, but good.

Last week was a lot of fun. Our rotation was patient services and we did a lot of activities that will hopefully have an impact on patient satisfaction. One day we went up to one of the floors and passed around surveys and spoke with patients about how they liked the food. I really enjoyed having a chance to talk to patients since I feel they are the whole reason we are there. We inputted our findings into an excel chart to assist our preceptor with continuing to follow the satisfaction scores on that floor.

We also put together and led 3 in-service trainings on the hospital’s renal diet. Two of the in-services were for tray line employees and one was for the diet assistants who take patient menu choices. I think all 3 in-services went well—our presentation looked nice and I think we delivered it well. The majority of the audience members seemed engaged and we had a few great questions at the end.

We also made an employee of the month poster board so the food and nutrition department can start recognizing an employee of the month. That was a fun project and hopefully will serve as a fun way to motivate employees.

This week has also been a lot of fun. We’ve been learning the ins and outs of tray line and have really been getting a feel of the kitchen environment. Our big project this week has been an audit of tray line, food temperatures and the overall kitchen environment. Monday I jumped in and helped serve the ground and pureed diets. It’s not easy to make a ground meal look appetizing so I give those guys credit! Of course the audit included multiple taste tests, which we definitely didn’t complain about. Well, maybe with the exception of the ground and pureed foods, for some reason I have a hard time getting those down. Must be a texture thing. Overall though the food looked and tasted good. The main problem we found was in temperature control. It’s really hard to plate and deliver 300-400 meals without having problems with temperature control. We’re presenting our specific findings to the kitchen supervisors tomorrow and have lots of ideas to help remedy this problem.

We’re also going to present our findings from today’s hand washing audit. Let’s just say some employees need a reminder about proper hand washing guidelines and procedures. I think this is something that should be regularly revisited during in-service trainings at all kitchens and restaurants because it’s so easy for someone to over look and yet so important.

I can’t believe I’m finishing my 5th week of food service. Only 2 more until clinical starts. Time is flying!


One response to “Weeks 4 & 5

  1. Wow! Looks like you’ve been enjoying.
    This blog thing is such a good idea.
    I’m very interested in the technical aspects of your internship. Do you have access to non-confidential reports, charts, or slide-shows you could possibly post here?
    Keep up the good work!

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