Changing Course

Wow, It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. These past two weeks have been crazy-busy!

I am happy to report that I finished food service management last Friday with a bang. We executed our Halloween theme meal and it ended up being a great send off. The last 2 weeks of food service management included lots of final planning for the meal, including taste-testing recipes (yum!), forecasting portions, tons of advertising, costing and decorating. We had such great reviews after the taste-testing that we didn’t change any of our recipes for the final event. Our menu included the following:

Grill special: Sweet potato fries

Hot Entrees: Butternut squash ravioli in a vodka sauce or penne with pumpkin and bacon served with roasted root vegetables or chicken tamales served with Spanish rice

Salads: Waldorf salad

Soup: Tuscan pumpkin-white bean soup

Desserts: Dirt cup caramel and chocolate apples, pumpkin and pecan pie and chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin cookie

Beverage: Apple cider

The actual meal went really well. We drew a huge crowd and had the cooks running back and forth to make more food. People were still talking about it today so it must have been good!

We also organized a hospital-wide pumpkin carving contest and a department-wide costume contest. We had a huge turn-out for the pumpkin carving contest with 23 entries and tons of creativity. Unfortunately, our costume contest didn’t go as well with few employees actually dressing up. Those that did looked amazing though. The judging of this contest was also interrupted when a county health inspector showed up and all of the managers and staff went running. The kitchen turned into chaos at that point and our final wrap-up meeting was canceled.

Tomorrow I start clinical. I’m starting in renal transplant so it’s kind of an intense start, but I’m excited about it. I’ve been working through my pre-rotation assignment and still feel unprepared, but I’m sure once I get there things will click.


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  1. Good afternoon, Happy Happy hallowen!!

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